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Wierzbicka a. semantics, culture, cognition free download

Wierzbicka a. semantic, culture, cognition free download

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English: Meaning and Culture Wierzbicka Oxford University Press 2006

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Издательство:Oxford University Press
1666 рубмягкая обложка
Cтраниц 368
Аннотация:Semantics, Culture, and Cognition (OUP, 1992) sold 3,740 in paperback It is widely accepted that English is the first truly global language and lingua franca. Anna Wierzbicka, a distinguished linguist known for her theories of semantics, has written the first book that connects the English language with what she terms "Anglo" culture. Wierzbicka points out that language and culture are not just interconnected, but inseparable. She uses original research to investigate the "universe of meaning" within the English language (both grammar and vocabulary) and places it in historical and geographical perspective. This is evident to non-speakers trying to learn puzzling English expressions. In fact, English words and phrases have embedded in them a wealth of cultural baggage that is invisible to most native speakers. One might see English in this context as being simply a neutral, universal vehicle for the expression of local thoughts and ideas. Its dominance has even led to its use and adaptation by local communities for their own purposes and needs. For example, she looks at the history of the terms "right" and "wrong" and how with the influence of the Reformation "right" came to mean "correct. " She examines the ideas of "fairness" and "reasonableness" and shows that, far from being cultural universals, they are in fact unique creations of modern English. This engrossing and fascinating work of scholarship should appeal not only to linguists and others concerned with language and culture, but the large group of scholars studying English and English as a second language. - The author has an international reputation as linguist and founder of the Natural Semantic - Metalanguage approach to semantic analysis - The first book to connect the English language with "Anglo" culture - By the same author:
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