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Pacesetter student s book

Учебник pacester

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Pacesetter Elementary. Student's Book Derek S. Oxford University Press 2002 Pacesetter

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Автор:Derek S.
Издательство:Oxford University Press
631 рубмягкая обложка
Формат 276x219x6 см
Cтраниц 112
Аннотация:New language is presented in contexts relevant to teenagers and in ways which actively involve students in the learning process. - Grammar is the starting point of the syllabus. Practice activities help students use the grammar in everyday situations. - Motivating topics draw on students' own experiences and develop their interest in the world around them. - Integrated skills work presents students with a variety of activities that develop their confidence and fluency in speaking, reading, writing and listening. The variety of texts, discussions and dialogues is supported by practical tasks that help students to use and understand the new language. - A systematic vocabulary syllabus combined with learning-to-learn skills encourage students to develop their own strategies for remembering new words. - A lively photo-story in the first two levels presents informal language and a cultural reference as it follows the everyday lives of a group of British teenagers. The two upper levels contain a series of free-standing short stories which develop extensive reading skills. - Practical ' Learn to learn' features help students to develop their study skills, record new vocabulary and organize their language learning. - You can start the course either with Pacesetter Starter, which is for beginners, or Pacesetter Elementary, which is suitable for those who have achieved a basic level of English. - A helpful review section at the end of each unit summarizes the main learning points and provides a reference for revision work. - Three consolidation units in each level revise key grammar points, vocabulary and dialogues through controlled and freer activities. The projects at the end of these units provide an opportunity for students to produce more substantial and personal pieces of work. The problem-solving approach to grammar helps students to work out for themselves the meaning and use of structures. - Pacesetter is a four-level course for teenagers with a communicative approach.
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